Mini-Namco #1: Design

After being inactive for a long while on my fullsize Mame cabinet project (put on hold indefinitely until I get some perspex/stop being lazy), I was inspired by Victor Coleiro's "Worlds Smallest Space Invaders" project to do something similar myself.

After contacting Victor for some pointers (he's extremely helpful), I've started the design for my Namco arcade machine (basically a GBA SP running 'Namco Museum' in a fancy housing).

It's to be constructed out of 6mm MDF. I'll need to send it in somewhere (probably a company the UK) for routing as I don't have a CNC (does anyone know anywhere in Israel that can do this at a reasonable cost including the wood?).

I've already got the buttons, etc. and will post a few pics and specs in my next post.

Quite a few scrunched-up pieces of paper later, and here's what I've got so far for the housing.

All the pieces for the housing

Control panel (joystick + controller buttons)

'Coin door' panel (select and start buttons)

Back panel (power and screen backlight buttons)