GlitchMeister 1.0 - Simple, Stupid FPGA-based Glitcher

I finally got around to working on a project that I've been wanting to do for quite a while.

Introducing the GlitchMeister 1.0....

It's basically a Simple, Stupid FPGA-based glitcher (something along the lines of the PS3 Glitch Finder with a few notable differences) but I wanted to do one myself as my FPGA skills are getting rusty (excuse the code quality; - or lack thereof).

You can download the Quartus II project w/ the VHDL code from the Github here.

I developed it for my Terasic DE0 dev board (Altera Cyclone III) but it's around 200 LEs so pretty much any hardware will do.


  • Minimum pulse length = 10ns (driven off a 100MHz PLL)
  • Configurable 8-bit multiplier (max pulse length = 10ns x 255 = 2.55us)
  • Configurable direction (high/low)
  • Glitch driven from high-impedance state
  • Glitch driven by push-button or active-low GPIO pin
  • 8-bit glitch counter

Here's a video walking through how it works: