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2019.02.16 Ryzenfallen - Exploitation of Ryzenfall for arbitrary read primitive via AMD PSP
2019.01.21 VirtualAllocSecure - AMD Secure Memory Encryption on Windows by hacking PTEs
2019.01.07 wsIPC - Covert channel for Windows abusing Working Set side-channel
2019.11.08 AMD firmware flash dumping tool
2019.07.17 divination - platform, iospace and physmem inspection framework
2021.01.11 Linux code injection paint-by-numbers
2019.08.14 Understanding modern UEFI-based platform boot
2018.09.21 Admiring the Zircon: Understanding Minimal Process Creation
2015.12.08 What's in an Address: Understanding DDR Memory Mapping
2019.12.27 An Arbitrary Read Exploit for Ryzenfall (PoC||GTFO 20:05)
2018.04.19 Introducing Windows Defender System Guard runtime attestation
2016.07.07 Remote Code Execution in Xiaomi MIUI Analytics (meh)
2014.08.19 Attacking the Linux PRNG on Android: Weaknesses in Seeding of Entropic Pools (WOOT '14)
2014.08.05 Remote Exploitation of the Cordova Framework [video] (OWASP IL '14)
2013.04.00 Intro to Timing Attacks Workshop (OWASP Jerusalem APR'13)
2011.06.03 Abusing the Linux Dynamic Loader with LD_PRELOAD (DC9723 JUN'11)
2018.09.05 Kaplan se Biltong box build
2015.11.02 CUPC/8: Home computer project
2014.04.24 Piping a remote tcpdump into a local Wireshark session
2012.01.29 ARM long branch
(some of them appreciatively useless)
2016.02.09 US10366213B2 - Protecting an application via an intra-application firewall
2014.09.24 US10419419B2 - Technologies for sensor action verification
2014.02.24 US9296338B2 - Vehicle mirror adjustment
2014.01.17 US20150203039A1 - Automatic rear-view mirror adjustments
2013.12.23 US9965040B2 - Method for using magnetometer together w/ gesture to send content to wireless display
2013.12.16 US9466296B2 - Initiation of action upon recognition of a partial voice command
2013.12.20 US20160292009A1 - Execution offloading through syscall trap interface
2012.12.27 US20140187148A1 - Near field communication method and apparatus using sensor context