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2018.09.21 Admiring the Zircon Part 1: Understanding Minimal Process Creation
2018.09.05 Kaplan se Biltong box build
2018.04.19 Introducing Windows Defender System Guard runtime attestation
2016.07.07 Remote Code Execution in Xiaomi MIUI Analytics (meh)
2014.08.19 Attacking the Linux PRNG on Android: Weaknesses in Seeding of Entropic Pools (WOOT '14)
2014.08.05 Remote Exploitation of the Cordova Framework (OWASP IL '14)
2011.06.03 Abusing the Linux Dynamic Loader with LD_PRELOAD (DC9723 JUN'11)
(some of them appreciatively useless)
2016.10.11 US9466296B2 - Initiation of action upon recognition of a partial voice command
2016.03.29 US9296338B2 - Vehicle mirror adjustment
2016.01.11 US20170228524A1 - Protecting an application via an intra-application firewall
2014.09.24 US20160087976A1 - Technologies for sensor action verification
2014.01.17 US20150203039A1 - Automatic rear-view mirror adjustments
2013.12.23 US9965040B2 - Method for using magnetometer together w/ gesture to send content to wireless display
2013.12.20 US20160292009A1 - Execution offloading through syscall trap interface
2012.12.27 US20140187148A1 - Near field communication method and apparatus using sensor context